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Let us introduce you to some of our pets. In addition to the cats in our cattery we have 2 spoiled dogs, 1 house cat and goats.

The goats live outside, of course. Their loyal guard is Grace, the dog whom we call the goat keeper. She thinks her purpose in life is to keep an eye on her goat friends. When we go into the area to feed the goats we allow Grace to follow us in as well. She loves to play chase with them but the goats always win.

Inside the house we have 2 house pets, one Persian and one Shih Tzu dog. The cat is Edward and the dog is Tatiana. Edward has been with us as long as we have been married. We started our breeding program with Edward in 1998. Edward was retired a couple years after we started our cattery due to the fact he has a doll face and we wanted to work from more extreme faced lines. Edward is now an old lazy boy who refuses to share "his house" with any of the other cats. We were grateful he allowed us to have Tatiana. Edward is my baby boy and he sleeps up on my pillow every night. He actually loves his friend Tatiana but he does not want us to know that.

Update - On 2/21/2011 We had to let our dear Edward go. We will miss him so much. He missed his 13th birthday by 1 week but we were blessed to have shared so many with him.

2/28/1998 - 2/21/2011

My husband's baby is Tatiana. She was originally adopted as my dog but quickly choose my husband as her "daddy" and master. We call her his little girl. Tatiana thinks she is a person. She loves to dress up and likes to have her hair fixed with bows.



In Memory of Angel
2008 - 9/21/2009
(our first dog)