Wiskrofflair Cammie Camilla
Tortoiseshell - Female- Persian

Retiring Spring 2017 - adoption pending


Pictured at age 1 year.


Wiskrofflair Sterling Cha Cha
Shaded Silver - Female- Persian

Pictured as a kitten - (12-16 weeks old)


CH Purrmunn Coco Chnel of Wiskrofflair
Dilute Calico - Female - Persian
"Coco Chanel"




Wuvpaws California of Wiskrofflair
Dominant Calico - Female - Persian



Pictured at age 6 months.

Wiskrofflair Pippa Purr
White - OE - Female- Persian



Wiskrofflair Playboy Bunny Miss May
White - CE- Female- Persian



Wiskrofflair Madame Bijoux
Black and White - Female- Persian