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Our Children in Fur Coats

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Below are some of the cats we have used in our breeding program over the years. All have since been adopted out but we still work from some of their lines through their offspring.

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CH Bish-Kits Leopold of Wiskrofflair


Shadyharts SirChristopher Alexander


CH Cherrybirdie's Richard Geer

L Jolor Tussie A of Wiskrofflair


CH Chamagoura Sweet Miranda


Ms Pandora of Wiskrofflair


Wiskrofflair I Hope You Dance


Perizms Flyboy Tacoma In Blue


Bish-Kits Star Chaser


Wiskrofflair Hannah Kate

Wiskrofflair Little Lady Lexi Me



Below are some of our past cats. We no longer work from their lines but we wanted to share them with you.


Chamagoura Betty Blue Eyes


Emishimi Windsor of Wiskrofflair


CH Emishimi Charleston of Wiskrofflair
Adopted to Pam in VA for her breeding program


Chamagoura Napoleon Spencer
(Was not bred so he will not be seen in any of our lines)


CH Wiskrofflair Patience Adoring
Adopted to Mark in OK for his breeding program


Wiskrofflair Catalina Calling
(Lived to be 16 years old. She became one of our altered pets and remained in our home.)


Wiskrofflair Love N Cherish


CH Shadyharts Madaline Grace
(Was not bred so she will not be seen in any of our lines)
Adopted back to Arleen in MO for her breeding program


CH Shadyharts Love N Passion
(Was not bred so she will not be seen in any of our lines)


Wiskrofflair Jolly Mon
Adopted to Crystal in TX for her breeding program


CH Bish-Kits Tiffany of Wiskrofflair


Chamagoura Little Bit This And That


Bish-Kits Boogie Woogie
Spayed and adopted into a pet home